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The SHAKE Handels GmbH is your specialist in 2D and 3D measurement technology. In particular we are at home in the specialized field of X-Ray and computed tomography (CT).

Together with the established for 70 years daughter Hugo Rost & Co. GmbH, we form an innovative Schleswig-Holstein group of companies with offices in Bordesholm (sales) and Kiel (production and service) which now has 14 employees.

Do you have questions about a new system for 2D or 3D X-Ray, CT or RETROFIT of your older system? You need regular maintenance or repair of your X-Ray or CT system? Also in the planning, upgrading or buying new X-Ray equipment, we are happy to serve you and we would be pleased to support you with our experience.

Based on over 70 years of corporate history of Hugo Rost, we are also pleased to be your partner and specialist for all tasks related to the topic of X-Ray and digital imaging and image processing in medical or industrial application.

The production Hugo Rost & Co. GmbH is certified by the SWISS CERT ISO 9001 and 13485.

Please call us on (+49-4322 750 268) or send your inquiry to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Computertomograph SHAKE SHR Hybrid CT130 3D

SHAKE Hybrid CT130 3D

Das SHAKE SHR Hybrid CT 130 3D wurde für die 3D-Messung und Werkstückanalyse entwickelt. Es kann zur Riß und Luncker Analyse eingesetzt werden.
SHAKE SHR Hybrid CT 130 3D is designed for three-dimensional measurement and work piece analysis as well as it is designed for crack-finding.


Klassische Industrie.Computertomographen lösen werde das Zeit- noch das Farbproblem zufriedenstellend. Farbe kann lediglch als Zuordnung zu einer Graustufe erreicht werden.
In the classical industrial CT application, the parameters of time and color have not been satisfactorily solved or color can only be achieved by assigning them to grayscale.

ct scan

Hybrid Computertomographen in Verbindung mit zusätzlichen Sensoren wie z.B. Streifenlichtprojektion liefern exakte Daten zur Rekonstruktion gescannter Objekte.
Hybrid CT offers a solution that can achieve a considerable amount of innovation thanks to the use of additional sensors such as strip light projection.

strip light scan

Innerhalb von Sekunden liefert der SHAKE SHR CT 130 3D sowohl präzise 3 D Strukturen wie auch Farbinformationen der analysierten Werkstücke. Es snd nur wenige überlappende Bilder erforderlich um farbige 3D Bilder und digitale Daensätze zu erhalten.
If a highly accurate SHR Shake 3D CT is able to produce the 3D structure as an object code including color information of the patterned workpiece within a few seconds.  Even a few images with overlapping image windows produce a colored 3D image and the data set in seconds.


Das Hybrid CT ist in der Lage Objekte unterschiedlicher Materialiene nud Formen zu unteriuschen. MIttels CT werden auch innen liegende Strukturen erfaßt, wie z.B. in Dentalonjekten.
The Hybrid CT is able to create 3D images of objects from different materials and shapes. The CT measurement also makes it possible to check the material structure inside the dental object.


Unser Volumen Modelle berechnen umgehend das "Virtuelle Werkstück" an dem größnorienierte Messungen ausgeführt werden können. Farben, Abmessungen und Anmerlkungen der analysierten Werkstückes werden zusammen mit den optischen Messdaten abgespeichert.
In connection with the fast reconstruction dimensional volume models are getting calculated (virtual work piece), on which a size-oriented analysis can be done. Colors, drawings and notes on the scan object can be recorded with the texture scan of the optical measuring device.


Control - 2018

Control 2018 Shake GmbH

Wir sind auf der Control 2018 vertreten, 24.-27. April 2018 in Stuttgart, Halle 4 Stand 4002, Nachlese Control 2017
We will attend Control 2018, 24.-27. April 2018 in Stuttgart, Hall 4 Booth 4002


Wir sind dabei, 6. UGM, 12. - 13. September 2018 Print Media Academy in Heidelberg, Volume Graphics User Group Meeting
We will join the UGM (User Group Meeting) 12.-13. September 2018 in the Print Media Academy in Heidelberg

Seminar für
Strahlenschutz 2017/18

Das Norddeutsche Seminar für Strahlenschutz in den Universitäten in Kiel und Greifswald hat die Termine für 2016 bekannt gegeben. Shake unterstützt mit seinen Experten ggf. bei allen Fragen rund um die Röntgen-Technik.

The North German Seminar for Radiation Protection in the Universities of Kiel and Greifswald has announced the dates for 2016. Shake supports with his experts if necessary with all questions around the x-ray technique.
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Shake CT-Filme

SHAKE CT130 3DCT130 3D und Volume Graphics Analyse

Invertierung AbdruckloeffelDateninvertierung zur weiteren Bearbeitung

dental ct gesamtHybridCT SHR 3D CT 130

streifenlicht scan abdruckHybriDentCT

Scan einer toten MausComputertomographie einer Maus


SHAKE Inline CT 50
SHAKE Inline CT 50

shake rowix
Ro Wi-X

SHR CT 130 shake

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